(Cam) Newton's Laws

I am a die hard Panthers fan. It is great to have a winning season after a few disappointing ones. I can't help but take a bad pun too far sometimes. In my excitement about the season, I will share one I came up with. Cam Newton and Isaac Newton share their last name, so here is a horribly altered version of Newton's Laws rewritten for Cam:

Cam's Laws of Newtonian Physics in Football

  1. Every drive moves a straight line and continues in a straight line due to the forces applied to it by Cam Newton, DeAngelo Williams, Mike Tolbert, Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell, Greg Olsen, Ted Ginn Jr, and Domenik Hixon.
  2. The force in a change of possession is proportional to the that which is impressed by Ted Ginn Jr's speedy punt returns and Brad Nortman's strong punts.
  3. For every opposing drive there is an equal and opposite reaction to the drive by Thomas Davis, Luke Keuchly, Greg Hardy, Captain Munnerlyn, Charles Johnson, and Star Lotulelei.


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