Curta Build Manual Release

I’ve updated my Curta Calculator thingiverse thing to include a build manual as well as paint masks and a few updates to existing models. Here is a synopsis on the changes:

  • Updated a few files that were requiring too much manual fitting work.
  • The zero positioning disk is updated for easier printing / better teeth for the anti-reversal pawl.
  • Added missing crank pin file.
  • Adding dxf files representing paint masks for numbering and lettering. I cut these from vinyl with a Cricut machine.
  • Updating the BOM because the torsion springs for anti-reversal pawl and zero positioning lever recommended in the BOM were way too strong. I ended up making these springs by hand. The BOM is now available as PDF and XLS files.
  • Adding the initial draft of the build manual. This covers the entire build process – including making the springs mentioned above. Feedback on this build manual is desired and welcome – help me improve it for others please.

I am looking forward to finishing up the painting on the Curta, making a project completion post, a video build manual, and finally removing the Work In Progress tag from the project on thingiverse.

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