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Passport Parking Apps

Parking apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A single codebase per platform provided branded / whitelabeled apps for multiple municipalities.

  • Worked across teams to collaborate on work for features such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and CI/CD pipelines
  • Spent time as Engineering Manager for both the backend and the mobile app teams
  • Re-engineered CI/CD pipelines on both iOS and Android to better fit the team’s needs
  • Designed a way to apply whitelabel branding without introducing codebase changes
  • Improved team efficiency by guiding the team to be cross-functional with backend development
  • Worked with a team of 3 to build a demo of an SDK in Go for the iOS and Android parking app business logic
  • Trained and coached the team to self sufficiency after a reorganization displaced the entire team
  • Led efforts to migrate the parking apps from our monolith backend to use newer microservices
  • Contributed to the parking microservices that directly support the parking app functionality

Tolling App (not released)

Greenfield app to support tracking and paying for toll road trips. I was the sole contributor or I made significant contributions for the following:

  • Location tracking / management code
  • Network connection testing
  • Vehicle management screen
  • Notification handling for receiving real time toll session events
  • Toll trip confirmation screen (handled orphaned exits and entries; trip rejections; etc)
  • Collaboration with the iOS team to ensure functional parity
  • Acceptance for terms & conditions and privacy policy documents
  • Added Facebook shimmer loading indicators
  • Formatting for credit card entry

Transit App (now removed from the stores)

Passport app for their Transit vertical. Purchase transit tickets and validate them.

  • Supported two major versions of the transit app on both iOS and Android
  • Helped design and build the system for validating tickets
  • Added support for EasyCards (a payment method)
  • Worked on QR code transit validation
  • Consolidated components for easier maintenance
  • Maintained app; eliminated defects