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Converting FITS Images and Curta Build Manual Progress

Curta Build Manual Progress I have been pretty busy building out a second Curta. There are multiple reasons for building a second one in order to write up a build manual. One is that I have the required work fresh in my memory as I go so I don't forget things. Another is to ensure that my work is reproducible. I'm even using a different 3D printer (a D-Bot) to print the parts.
Currently I have all of the parts printed and I am working through manually fitting and assembling the parts. I have been documenting every step of the way with loads of photographs. In fact, I set up my DSLR with my computer to take photos at a 5 second interval as I work. Many of the photos will be trash, but I should have plenty of images of every step.
I should be ready to be ready to start collecting, categorizing, and curating those images into a build manual in a few weeks. I have a self-imposed deadline for getting the second Curta working before the end of the month (and hopefully a good portio…

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