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Curta Build Manual Release

I uploaded an initial build manual for the 3D printed Curta Calculator! Feedback is desired: — Marcus Wu (@marcuswu) May 3, 2017 I've updated my Curta Calculator thingiverse thing to include a build manual as well as paint masks and a few updates to existing models. Here is a synopsis on the changes: Updated a few files that were requiring too much manual fitting work. The zero positioning disk is updated for easier printing / better teeth for the anti-reversal pawl. Added missing crank pin file. Adding dxf files representing paint masks for numbering and lettering. I cut these from vinyl with a Cricut machine. Updating the BOM because the torsion springs for anti-reversal pawl and zero positioning lever recommended in the BOM were way too strong. I ended up making these springs by hand. The BOM is now available as PDF and XLS files. Adding the initial draft of the build manual. This covers the entire build process -- including making the sp

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